Baselhack 2020

Looking back to find direction ahead

To Baselhackers, Fans and everyone!

Did it feel that it has been quiet around Baselhack? This impression is in our minds because it is too loud and insecure out there in the world right now. The option to withdraw to conserve energy for survival is very tempting. Today the sun is shining and my batteries are on recharge mode now.

Did you know that Baselhack 2020 was not cancelled?
We collaborated with Climathon by ImpactHub Basel, conditions required us to hack digitally. It was a heck of an undertaking.
Our Pre-Events at the Swiss Digitaltage and many valuabale expert input sessions made the Hack an experience of great value, A different kind of experience, we all have to admit. But hey, life means change. We will find new ways.

Staying true to our nature we called out the BaselHack Coding Award and were very happy to see some of our regulars coming together as a team in the framework of the Climathon challenges.

The Winner Team and BaselHack Code Award recipient:

Winner Team

Green Waste
Christian Leighton : Diana Tapia Cruz : Joel Zimmerli : Sonja Grässlin : Victor Parmar

Thanks to all of you


Read more about all the teams, sponsors and partners on Github.

Here is a press article to read up:
716 Kilo Müll pro Person – So wird Basel zum Abfall-Vorbild _ Basler Zeitung.pdf 707.72 KB

Thanks for all the hands and minds that were invested with their hearts and time in making it happen:

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