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Baselhack Coding Award

Hey everyone,
so glad to be back and on the go now.
Join us for the special dual power hack - Climathon and Baselhack

Across all challenges we have a call for our BaselHack Coding Award. Here is our philosophy and what we are looking for 

  •     Positive Impact on human live. 
  •     Innovative and creative approach 
  •     Mix of existing solution and own solutions 
  •     Feasibility 
  •     Simplicity 
  •     Scalability 
  •     Structure 
  •     Teamwork 

Always sounds great, right! But how do we actually apply our philosophy in practice?

The Coding Award Criteria 

  1. Our jury needs to see the code on github, to check if the code can be executed –so, don´t forget to add instructions
  2. Technology Stack
  3. Right technology for problem solving the solving - or an explanation in the presentation why you chose this particular technology  
  4. Complexity e.g. connections with other services
  5. Has the problem been solved technically in a creative way? Was the wheel reinvented?    
  6. Did only one person program or was it a team effort

Always open and ready to answer your questions.

Easiest way to find me, is the DigiCafe Spurlos @Impact Hub Basel

Inspirational regards


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