More than a Hackathon - meet people who can help you and your organizations to thrive

Collaboration is key

Why we want to partner with you?

Human capital is the essential resource for today’s innovation and knowledge based economy. Many organizations struggle to find and retain the highly educated and skilled workforce they need to survive in a continuously growing global competition.

BaselHack is a platform where people from different backgrounds, expertise, topics, viewpoints and organizations come together to create new concepts and build solutions. We unite highly motivated people who care about their social impact and the solutions they build. Become a sponsor to meet people with a diverse set of skills who can help you and your organizations to thrive.

What are your benefits?

  • Social Impact: From the Region, for the Region
  • Access to top talents in action
  • Positioning your brand in an innovative context
  • Brand visibility in extensive networks: other sponsors, partners, participants and the professional networks of 32 well connected organizers
  • Inspiration for your employees
  • Experiencing an Innovation accelerator


We proudly present our sponsors!

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