What a Hackathon!

See you at BaselHack 2024!

Free Food, Snacks + Drinks

Fuel your creativity and stay energized throughout the event with a variety of free food and snacks.

Bring your sleeping bag

No need to worry about rushing home. We've got you covered with a place where you can sleep a few hours.

Exciting Challenges

The carefully crafted challenges are designed to inspire innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Vibrant Community

Meet like-minded developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts. Connect, collaborate and exchange.

Great Prizes for Winners

Your hard work deserves recognition! Compete for fantastic prizes.

Cool Location

Tech-Ready location ready for a collaborative coding event.

Sponsors & Partners BaselHack 2023

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We connect people, take fun seriously and grow open innovation

BaselHack is the hackathon for Basel, Northwestern Switzerland and bordering Alsace and Südbaden. Young and young-at-heart developers, technology fanatics, designers and others meet for a weekend tinkering and developing various ideas. Join us for a weekend full of fun, challenges, for meeting new friends and to enjoy free drinks & foods.

BaselHack - Join uf for a weekend full of fun

A hackathon is a multi-day event (usually 48 hours) where people meet to solve challenges together. The problems are presented by companies or institutions at the start of the event. You have the chance to spend a weekend with a team developing ideas for a real problem and turning them into a working prototype.

Anyone interested in technology – including but not limited to developers, technology fanatics, and designers – can participate. Although programming can be a part of many projects, non-programmers are also very welcome. We appreciate an interdisciplinary audience.

Our hackathon is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and meet exciting companies. You'll have the possibility to experiment, being close to new technologies, experience collaborative teamwork, and benefit from top mentoring. You also have the chance to win attractive award prize money!