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Frequently asked questions about the event
What is BaselHack?

This is what happens at BaselHack. Everyone can bring an idea, there is no specific common topic. In the beginning of the hackathon there is a quick team building phase where everyone pitches - a 1 min pitch - their idea to find other people interested in working together on that idea.

Here are your options in a nutshell:
When you come, you can

You can always ask for help and we will provide all knowledge at sight to support your undertaking. Even teams help out each other.

At the end of the hackathon there is the project pitching in front of a jury as well as the public audience; our audience has a vote, which of course, includes you as a participant as well.


We do not provide accommodation, Unfortunately we are not able to provide travel cost support in case you are traveling to Basel for the BaselHack. We are happy you decided to come and join forces with our Basel crowd. We have a Telegram group where you can contact others who come who might have a place to sleep for you. A place we can recommend you is the Basel BackPack with really cool rates.


The agenda and schedule are very simple:

Day 1 Day 2

If you are involved in the organization, we meet on a regular basis and distribute the tasks according to your availability and competencies. We use Github, communicate through a Telegram group and meet on Tuesdays.

If you have been invited as a jury member, you need to be there before the Project Pitching and attend a jury briefing beforehand. In sum a couple of hours of your time.


Participation is free, you just need to register and paid a deposit that helps you to check if you are really committed people. Nooo, we really want to avoid food waste and that is a way that allows us to make sure we are planning for the right number of people.


From Saturday 2. November, 09:00 to Sunday 3. November 19:00

Computer/Notebook and Internet

We provide Internet, a table and a chair. That means, yes, bring your own stuff. There will be experts to ask and food to survive.


We aim to create a connected community to carry this Hackathon. Because innovation and building something new is not a sprint but a marathon. Yes, this is why it is called hackathon and not hackasprint. We organize meetups and events also during the year so that your projects can continue to grow and develop.


Participation is free, you just need to register and paid a deposit.

Deposit (25.-CHF)

To participate in the Hackathon, you register and pay CHF 25 -. Why do we do this? We collect this as a deposit to avoid food waste. When you show up, you get your money minus a small service fee back from us.


Standard hackathons usually have a theme with challenges of companies to be solved and commercially oriented sponsors who want to hire teams after the hack. This means that competition is on, which creates a completely different atmosphere with pressure, not much different than in a work situation. People come with goals to get hired, the motivation to win the prize money or gain public fame. There are many details that are setup differently, for example

Don`t get us wrong, this is all fine too. We - the BaselHack team - just do not it differently because we believe that BaselHack is much more than a Hackathon- We connect people, take fun seriously and grow open innovations.


We will make sure that you have all the food you need.


Everyone can bring an idea. We do not exclude anything. The best ideas will evolve as a result of your pitch. The BaselHack starts with a pitching session, you have only 1 min to present your idea in an attractive way so that people want to join your team.


BaselHack is a real world learning format because it allows participants to:


Usually working in a job does not give employees a lot of freedom. Over the years creativity and motivation decline and get tucked away in a box somewhere deep down. At BaselHack we reactivate spirit and mojo.:

Some of our sponsors recognize their responsibility to supply a safe space and the time needed to reactivate creativity and drive for their employees and therefore offer them following deal:

At the same time BaselHack brings you following additional benefits


We are very proud that all kinds of people, no matter if they have IT competencies or not, are coming to our Hack. Let us list a few profiles: visionaries, creatives, technology enthusiasts, UX/UI hackers, code writers, software developers, IT veterans, graphic designers, entrepreneurial thinkers, makers and tech newbies from all sorts of corners.

If we do not list you here, you are a rare and really sought after person. Please do come!


Impact Hub Basel, Münchensteinerstrasse 274a, 4053 Basel


Since the BaselHack itself does not have a topic or theme, we organize selected topic focused pre-events before the hack to fire up your inspiration, provide examples and discuss your ideas with experts from that specific industry to motivate you and your team to develop your idea in the BaselHack weekend. Stay tuned for the announcements and sign up for our newsletter.


Here are a few example projects from the last editions:


Maria Rodigina : Misgana Negassi : Moritz Rocholl : Nicolas Mauchle : Philip Pisa : Sven Janssens

Getting better sleep based on your individual data is something very very valuable. The app integrates with all other wearables you use and gives you insights to what your body actually needs.


Diego Saldana : Florence Meier : Maxime Letellier : Moritz Freidank : Pablo Vergés

You can find papers that focus on one specific search key, but as soon as you want to search in a specific context or combination of factors the search becomes manual. The Semantic Search Engine SSE solves this for scientific papers available publicly.

My side effect

Philip Pisa : Misgana Negassi : Moritz Freidank : Moritz Rocholl : Tomas Jezek : Abhimanyu Verma : Felix Karg : Monica Ticlla-Ccenhua : Maximilian Roth : Pranika Singh

Web Application and app that allow you to browse the huge medical database about side effects of medicines for your personal characteristics. Like that you can decide which of the side effects you prefer. Actually this problem is the same for doctors.

We have more project inspirations for you. Check them out here:


Here is the place to register. New 2019 - you need to pay a deposit.


We welcome contributions in different form and will make them visible throughout our network and those of our partners - in sum something around 10.000 people in Basel Region. Specifically you can contribute in following ways

Of course, we also need financial contributions to be able to keep us going as an organizer team and the BaselHack happening. Please contact our Sponsoring Team for more details.


Here are the options you have: When you come, you can

We are very flexible on the team size because the main goal for us is that you enjoy what you do.

People have come with their own idea and ended up in joining a team because the idea was more interesting than their own.


Everyone can bring an idea, there is no specific common topic or theme. In the beginning of the hackathon there is a quick team building phase where everyone pitches - a 1 min pitch - their idea to find other people interested in working together on that idea.