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Lunch-Date Randomizer

Connect Co-Workers and let them enjoy a Meal together

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Meta Knowledge Platform with AI assisted Search

Give Collaborators Access to an internal chatGPT and maximize the Knowledge Transfer within the Company

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Learn with AI-generated quizzes

Build a Business that could serve 27M Developers worldwide

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Pitches and Freestyle Challenges for the Hack Sake

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What is a good hackathon challenge?

It's characterized by certain features that encourage engagement, creativity and competition of the participants.


A challenge should be related to a specific topic and is appealing when it addresses a current problem. It is more exciting to develop an approach that can have a positive impact.


The challenge itself can often be quite challenging. It can be difficult to push participants to use their full skillset. There should be ample room for innovation and advanced solutions to encourage the development of new technologies and ideas.


The challenge must set clear objectives to ensure participants understand expectations and can be effectively guided towards success. Clarity in goals is essential for a productive hackathon experience.


While there are goals and rules, a good hackathon challenge should leave enough room for creativity. It's important to encourage diverse approaches and solutions. This allows participants to harness their skills and ideas and develop solutions that embrace various perspectives and use cases.

Meet the Jury of BaselHack 2023

Here are the members of the jury that will judge the quality and merit of the presentations and prototypes built during the BaselHack 2023 hackathon. We rely on a good mix between representatives of the industry, academics, local authorities and the hackathon scene.

Elijah Appius

Manager Digital Innovation - Economic Development Canton of Basel-Stadt

Ulrich Fiedler

Professor @ Bern University of Applied Sciences, Angel Investor Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)

Brigitte Hulliger

Managing Director & Consultant in Requirements Engineering & Project Management Break the Box GmbH

Daniel Kohler

Board Member Innovation Basel, Digital Transformation Consultant + Software Engineer YOO AG

Rolf Bielser

Computare AG: IT-Architekt, Projektleiter, Programm Manager, Consultant und agiler Coach

Assessment Criteria

The teams and their presentations & prototypes will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Innovation (novelty, value proposition)
  • Significance (social, technological or economic relevance)
  • Quality of the demonstrated prototype
  • Technical sophistication
  • Team (teamwork, diversity, learnings)
  • Compliance with the rules