The BaselHack is all about challenges! At the start of the hackathon, each participant joins a team to work on a freestyle or sponsored challenge.

At BaselHack particpants are challenged - you will enjoy a vibrant weekend full of creativity, new perspectives, and building solutions to real-world problems. BaselHack features two types of challanges: sponsored challenges and freestlye challenges. Sponsored challenges are provided by the BaselHack sponsoring companies. The freestyle challenges are pitched by the participants of the BaselHack (anyone can bring an idea and pitch it as a freestlye challenge).

All challenges will be presented in 3 minute pitches during the opening ceremony of the BaselHack. That will be the final call for you to choose your challenge and team. During the BaselHack you will then ideate, prototype and code your solution. By Sunday 16:00 each team submits the final results on GitHub and presents it in front of the Jury and all other participants.

Sponsored Challenges

Sponsored challenges are provided by the BaselHack sponsoring companies. Several teams can work on the same sponsored challenge. Each sponsored challenge has a separate CHF 1'000 prize money for the team providing the best solution (decided by the sponsors under consideration of the Jury recommendations).

The sponsored challenges will be listed below.

  • Bell
  • Healthy & Sunstainable - Your fridge is almost empty with only few left-overs? Build an app that combines image recognition and a receipts databases to create tasty receipt suggestions based on the left-overs found in your fridge.

  • Coop
  • Chaos in the wine rack? Build an app that uses image recognition to identify the bottles in the wine rack and pulls data from Coop's product API accordingly to provide a context for each wine bottle.

  • IWF Web Solutions
  • Edit and Save Instead of Upload/Download Documents on the Web - Some web apps allow you to open files directly from a link and saving the file back without a download and re-upload. This editing technique involves running a WebDAV server and some frontend magic. We are looking for an easily deployable package that provides this feature, e.g., in a Docker image. Your challenge is to provide a basis for integrating this feature into other applications.

Freestyle Challenges

Freestyle challenges are provided by BaselHack participants. Only one team can work on a freestyle challenge. Freestyle challenges can be submitted via GitHub before the hack and/or directly pitched during the opening ceremony on the main stage. The best team accross all freestlye challenges will win a CHF 1'000 prize money (decided by the Jury ranking).

Freestyle challenges that are announced before the hack can be accessed via GitHub. For all other challenges: look forward for surprises on the pitching session! 💪

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