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Speaking to Reto Schmid, Location Manager of ELCA Basel

ELCA is a sponsor of the BaselHack 2021. Speaking to Reto Schmid, the Location Manager of ELCA in Basel.

Why does your company do what it does?
The purpose of our activities is of particular importance to ELCA. We see ourselves as a fully integrated part of the Swiss economy, and additionally, also as a valuable provider of benefit to the Swiss society and state. A large portion of the projects, products, and services we are delivering has a remarkable added value in terms of ensuring of competitiveness, increase of efficiency, decrease of costs, saving of resources or protection of security. As employer, we assure the economic well-being of over 1’500 collaborators and their families, on four continents. We are doing what we do for 53 years and we do it well.

Which type of personalities and leaders takes care of young talents in your company?
Newcomers are cared, supervised, and chaperoned with different measures. On a very personal level, every newcomer (young or older) gets a godfather which is a person of trust, available for all kind of questions or instructions. On a more operational level, the dedicated project team will include a new member in a collegial manner and give them a social surrounding of trust and respect. On a corporate level, ELCA operates an employee development organization which offers a rolling career planning as well as many opportunities for internal and external training and further education.

What ethical standards are evident in very practical terms in working conditions and the working environment?
As an employer we see our first task in offering secure, properly paid and future-oriented jobs. Based on this foundation, we developed over 5 decades a culture of trust, respect, and honesty. It is obvious, that we guarantee equal wages for women and men, equal career opportunities for everybody and an active promotion of diversity. We are also aware, that the investment in employees of a certain age may be beneficial for both parties.

How important is the Basel area for your company?
The DNA of ELCA is based on the delivery of important projects for long-term customers in a very close relationship. This proximity is also desirable from a geographical standpoint. Therefore, we are covering our main market Switzerland with offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zürich, Rapperswil and Basel. Concretely in Basel, we aim to staff local projects for Basel based customers with collaborators, who are themselves resident in the region.

In three words – why should an IT expert join ELCA Basel.
Interesting projects, wide opportunities for the personal development and great workplaces, right at the Aeschenplatz.

Interview with Reto Schmid, Location Manager of ELCA Basel
After an initial market study, he founded this youngest ELCA branch in Switzerland in summer 2018 and has since been leading the targeted expansion of this unit. With just under 40 employees at present, a first milestone has been reached. The target for 2024 is 80 to 100 employees. In his second role as Lead of Corporate Development, Reto Schmid is an active leader in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances for the ELCA Group.

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