Collaboration is key

Why we want to partner with you?

Human capital is the essential resource for today’s innovation and knowledge based economy. The competitive power of a region is based on the creativity of its people and organizations. Many regions struggle to retain or attract the highly educated and skilled workforce.

This is not a one-time task you can check off your list. It is a continuous engagement to stay attractive, just like in a relationship. Only here we speak about organizations, government institutions

BaselHack is a platform where people from different backgrounds, expertise, topics, viewpoints and organizations come together to create new concepts and build solutions. Every city needs such a melting pot. To be able to keep all stakeholders engaged, everyone has to contribute. We want us to come together so that BaselHack can grow roots in the minds and hearts of many so that it gets a solid foundation as an institution of the Basel region.

What are your benefits?

  • Social Impact: Aus der Region, für die Region
  • Access to top talents in action
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand visibility in extensive networks: sponsors, location partners, the professional networks of 32 organizers
  • Inspiration for your employees
  • Innovation accelerator


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